Spring Vale welcomes applications for any position at any time, positions with openings for next year are in bold. Any application received when there is not a vacancy for the desired position will be saved in our files and receive first consideration when that position opens. Generally, positions open in the summer, but occasionally we have openings during the year or are informed by a staff member that they will be leaving a few months before the end of the school year. Having applications on file allows us to fill positions much faster and with less stress on everyone involved. Below is a list of all of our current positions. You can apply for any of them in the way described under the “Apply” heading.

Administrative Positions:

  • Director
  • Principal
  • Business Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Director of Spring Vale Online
  • Director of Admissions/Enrollment
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Promotions
  • Head of Maintenance

Teacher Positions:

If you are interested in teaching ANY subject, please contact us.

  • Bible
  • Math
  • Science
  • History
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Computers
  • Physical Health and Education

Dorm Positions

  • Boy’s Dean
  • Assistant Boy’s Dean
  • Girl’s Dean
  • Assistant Girl’s Dean

Kitchen Positions:

  • Head Cook
  • Assistant Cook

Support Positions:

  • Athletics Director
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Soccer Coach
  • Volleyball Coach
  • Boy’s Basketball Coach
  • Girl’s Basketball Coach


You can learn about the job duties, qualifications, compensation and benefits of our positions by contacting us.



We are always accepting applications from interested individuals. If you would like to submit an application, please send the following items to Darrel Walters at 4150 S M-52, Owosso, MI 48867
or by email at dwalters@springvale.us.