What grade levels does Spring Vale Christian School (SVC) include?

SVC includes grades 9-12 for boarding and grades 7-12 for day students (local only).


Where do students come from?

Our students come from all around the United States. We also have a few international students, typically coming from Canada, Mexico, and China.


What is the annual/semester tuition?

Boarding Students (includes dorm room and meals each day):

  • Annual: $11,300
  • Semester: $5,650

 Day Students (includes lunch):

  • Annual: $4,995
  • Semester: $2,498


Are there any scholarships available?

Scholarships are available by application through the business office and also on the Admissions page. Scholarships are based on academic achievement, need, and/or athletic ability.


What sports teams does SVC have?

  • Girl’s Basketball
  • Boy’s Basketball
  • Girl’s Volleyball
  • Boy’s Soccer
  • Cheerleading

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What type of drama programs do you have?

  • Drama Class
  • Action, a traveling drama troupe
  • Grad Play, a Spring Vale theatre production each spring


What type of music programs do you have?

  • Choir
  • Band
  • Sound, a traveling choir group
  • Worship Teams for the local church


How many students are in each dorm room?

Typically two per room.


Was SVC once called Spring Vale Academy?

Yes, we changed our name in 2016 in order to clarify what we are, a Christian School. Academy is too ambiguous and has often confused people about what kind of school we are.


What is the weather like?

Autumn: Michigan has beautiful autumns rich in fall color and great for outdoor sports and hiking with temperatures averaging 50°F to 72°F in September.

Winter: It’s typically cold with temperatures averaging 14°F to 30°F in February, so pack a warm coat, gloves, hat and boots.

Spring: The first signs spring arrive in April (mixed with a few snow flurries at times), but everything is in full bloom in mid-May with temperatures averaging 45°F to 67°F.


What could I bring?

  • Twin bed sheets and blankets (required)
  • Twin bed mattress cover (required)
  • Athletic shoes and equipment
  • Physical Education clothes
  • Sleeping bag (optional)
  • Winter clothing (including coat, hat, gloves, scarves, boots)
  • Dress clothes for worship services
  • Umbrella
  • Warm Pajamas
  • Pillow
  • Clothes Iron
  • Towels & toiletries
  • Wind-up/battery alarm clock
  • Hair dryer/curling iron
  • Musical instrument
  • Flashlight
  • Bible
  • Trunk that can be locked (optional)
  • Family pictures
  • Cell Phone

What can’t I bring?

  • TVs, personal music devices
  • Inappropriate reading materials or music
  • Firecrackers and fireworks
  • Candles, incense
  • Pets
  • Weapons (pocket knives with blades bigger than 3 inches)
  • Illegal drugs or intoxicants
  • Fridges, blenders, heating or cooking devices and other small appliances
  • Clothing, make-up and jewelry not in conformance with Dress Code


What is the dress code?

Our students are asked to groom and dress themselves in ways that are decent and not distracting. There are three levels of dress code: school, church, and recreation. The pictures below show our students in appropriate dress for each situation.






What is the Work/Study Program?

All students participate in the work/study program, helping them to gain valuable work experience, learn responsibility, and potentially earn credit toward their tuition or spending money. Each student works 45 minutes a day, five days a week. They choose their jobs at the beginning of the year and work throughout campus. Jobs can include being a teacher’s assistant, janitor, dishwasher, cook, maintenance worker, etc.