About Us

Our Mission

Disciple young people to Jesus Christ, The Master Teacher, preparing them to be Christian leaders and workers and preparing them socially, academically, and psychologically for further education and the responsibilities and relationships of adult life.

Spring Vale History

Spring Vale Christian School was founded in 1946 (as Spring Vale Academy) by members of the Church of God (Seventh Day).

Our Founders had the foresight, capability and blessing of God to invest in the education of the youth of the church long before youth groups or programs were common. Spring Vale began as a farm purchased for the cause. For many years this farm heritage was incorporated into the school's program. 

Since those early years, SVC has graduated more than 700 students. Our alumni have distinguished themselves by earning advanced degrees in their fields, serving in Christian leadership positions, as well as in public service and the private sector. Many alumni have come back to serve at Spring Vale in some capacity.

In the 1990's, Spring Vale became an independent parachurch ministry. Keeping with our heritage, we continue to teach the doctrines of the Church of God (Seventh Day). 

In 2016, Spring Vale Academy changed its name to Spring Vale Christian School to better clarify who we are to our community.

This timeline notes the major capital improvement projects completed through the years. You can see how far we've come!


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