Staff Members

Our staff at Spring Vale includes administrators, teachers, deans for the dorms, cooks and maintenance staff.

Our faculty, staff and administration have chosen to dedicate their livelihoods to preparing young adults to be strongly rooted in Christianity.

With many of the staff and faculty living on campus, students enjoy the extra attention and interaction of an extended family. The Staff is involved with students outside the classroom, sponsoring classes in fundraising and activities, inviting students to participate in family gatherings, supervising recreational activities, and encouraging spiritual and personal growth.

Each morning there is a time of prayer by the staff for the spiritual direction of the school. Staff often pray for students by name. Students and staff also take time between morning classes to have chapel together. It frames the student's day with an uplifting Christian message, giving them the tools to face the challenges present in today’s world.

After the last class of each day, teachers are available for academic lab to further assist any students with their studies. 

Teachers are certified or permitted by the Michigan Department of Education.




Darrel Walters II


Darrel is in his first year as Director of spring Vale. He spent the last two years as the Director of Development at Spring Vale. You can contact him at

Mark Caswell

Principal & School Counselor

Mark has been the Director and Principal of Spring Vale for the past 9 years. This year he is the Principal and School Counselor. He holds a Master of Arts in Counseling. You can contact him at

Scott Fischer

Director of Admissions

Scott has been at Spring Vale since 2008. He served as Boy's Dean for four years. He has served as Director of Admissions for the last four years. You can contact him at



Barbara Coulson

Office Manager

Barbie is in her first year as the Office Manager. She has spent the last four years in the Boy's dorm with her husband Nathan Coulson.

Patrick Siddens

Business Manager

Patrick has been the office manager since 2014. He also served one previous stint in this position.

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Pam Noble

  • English, Life Skills, Resource Room
  • Seven years
  • Alumna

Duane Peterson

  • Science
  • Nine years


Manny Molinar

  • Bible and Choir
  • Nine years
  • Alumnus


Bruce Noble

  • Bible and SOUND
  • Four years
  • Alumnus


Brian Franks

  • History, Office of Development
  • Two years


Joanna Thomas

  • English, Drama, Math
  • Two years
  • Alumna



Erin Noble

  • History and Resource Room
  • One Year
  • Alumna


Martha Rohrbaugh

  • Math and Resource Room
  • One year


Kelen Caswell

  • Promotions and Journalism
  • One year
  • Alumnus

Dorm Staff


Helen Miller

  • Girl's Dean
  • Two years


Alisha Miller

  • Assistant Girl's Dean
  • Two years



Cathryn Caswell

  • Assistant Girl's Dean
  • One year
  • Alumna



Nathan Coulson

  • Boy's Dean
  • Four Years
  • Alumnus


David Difranco

  • Assistant Boy's Dean
  • Two years

Athletic Department

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

  • Athletic Director
  • One year

Kitchen Staff


Aaron Coulson

  • Head Cook
  • Nine years
  • Alumnus


Amanda Miller

  • Assistant Cook
  • Three years
  • Alumna


Ora Miller

  • Head of Maintenance
  • Two years

James Patchen

  • Janitorial and Water Inspection and Control
  • 13 years
  • Alumnus


Josiah Carbajal

  • Maintenance VISTOC
  • One year
  • Alumnus