Unveiling our New Logo

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At the 2017 Alumni Weekend, we were proud to unveil our new logo. We selected it from among 419 proposals from 55 graphic designers over the course of several weeks. We eventually narrowed it down to two logos. The deciding factor came when we compared the two logos to all the other flame logos in […]


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Spring Vale’s Development team is working hard to expand the reach of Christian Education. Two new initiatives we are working on are a Virtual School and a nation-wide promotion network. You can find out more about these pursuits by visiting their respective pages: Virtual School Christian Education Promotion Network

Online Presence

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Spring Vale’s online presence has increased dramatically of late. You can explore our new virtual real estate below. We’ve started a new blog called the Director’s Cut. This blog aims to communicate with Spring Vale stake-holders straight from the desk of the Director. You can check out the site here. We have also ramped up […]

Resource Room

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Spring Vale’s commitment to seeing the success of all students we serve has resulted in creating a new Resource Room. The Resource Room is where students can get one-on-one help in subjects and skills they struggle with. It is staffed during every period of the school day and during Academic Lab time after school. With […]

Direct Support

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Support Financial Donation Item Donation Gideon 300 Endowment Fund Invest Me Promotion Network Gear One of the easiest ways to donate to Spring Vale Christian School is right here online. Just click the link below and you can donate with any accepted card straight into our secure account. You can also donate specific items if you […]


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Spring Vale Christian School strives to do whatever possible to help those families and students who want to attend its Christian boarding school by seeking financial support for scholarships from both individuals, other non-profits and faith-based organizations, and the private sector. Some scholarships are available by application through the business office or clicking here to access […]

Provisional Grant

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What is the Provisional Grant? The Provisional Sponsorship Grant is designed to allow families with financial need the time to pursue fundraising, to adjust their budgets, and seek financial alternatives, while allowing their student to attend Spring Vale. The expectation is that the recipients of this grant will diligently pursue sponsorship, fundraising, and will pay […]

Work Study

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What is the Work/Study Program? As part of learning responsibility and practical skills, Spring Vale Christian School students participate in a Work/Study Program. Each student helps with a wide variety of campus jobs including: janitorial, cafeteria duties, tutoring, maintenance, clerical, teacher’s aid, grounds’ care, etc. The work/study program provides students with valuable experience, gives them […]