Provisional Grant

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What is the Provisional Grant?

The Provisional Sponsorship Grant is designed to allow families with financial need the time to pursue fundraising, to adjust their budgets, and seek financial alternatives, while allowing their student to attend Spring Vale. The expectation is that the recipients of this grant will diligently pursue sponsorship, fundraising, and will pay as much as they reasonably can afford towards their student’s account as the year progresses. At the end of the school year, the balance left on your student’s account will be issued as a tuition grant up to the full amount of the grant issued.

How is it awarded?

To qualify, a FACTS tuition assistance application (see links below) must be submitted. Through FACTS’ secure, confidential process, amount of financial aid will be determined. Spring Vale will then assist in finding sources for the remainder of the student’s balance. Receiving the Provisional Grant for multiple years depends on earnest pursuit of other funding sources by the student and their parents.

Please contact the Director of Admissions at for more information. See the FACTS website and info below.

FACTS Tuition Aid online brochure 

FACTS Website