Christian Education Promotion Network

Spring Vale is committed to the ideals of Christian Education. Education from a Christian perspective is one of the most powerful ways we can disciple new generations to a saving knowledge of Jesus. It can also prepare them for ministry to the world in which they will spend the rest of their life.

To most effectively promote Christian Education across our country, we have developed a Promotion Network. This network is composed of individuals who are dedicated to the growth of Christian Education by promoting it in their area. Spring Vale provides various resources for this task such as videos, brochures, promo items and training. 

If you are interested in being part of our Promotion Network, you can see some of the benefits and requirements below, and apply to become a promoter with us.

Spring Vale offers a commission to promoters meeting certain conditions. Please contact us with any questions.


Promoter Info

Our promoters are simply tasked with promoting Christian Education. They do this in a wide variety of ways and may work at it as much or as little as their schedule allows. Below are SOME ideas for how you could promote. Keep in mind, these are only suggestions, you could focus on only one of these, do some combination, or make up your own ways.

  • Schedule meetings with a family in their home to discuss their Christian Education options
  • Make presentations at big regional events
  • Share promo videos at big events with or without a presentation
  • Set up a booth with Spring Vale material at a big event
  • Mail materials to interested parties
  • Write a blog or run a discussion board that promotes Christian Ed and links to Spring Vale's website
  • Travel to churches near you each week to give smaller presentations or talk to the pastors about promoting Christian Education