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Spring Vale is always exploring options on how to best deliver education to more students and families. One of the most promising opportunities is online education. With a quality online school, we could offer Christian education to anyone, anywhere. As we explore our options, we are considering educational research of online programs, the impact of this school on the campus program, cost, curriculum delivery methods, and quality. You can read more about our approach below.

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Current Phase Update

The Spring Vale Online School is in the Research and Development Phase. We are running two courses in the online platform for the Spring 2017 semester: Advanced Math and Computer Skills. These classes have seventeen on-campus students participating in them.

Our math class is being taught by our former campus math teacher of four years, Leticia Nwadozi who now lives in Oklahoma. It is being monitored onsite by Principal Mark Caswell and Instructor Brian Franks. This math class is being run like a typical online class with students doing their work at separate times and a teacher off-site.

The computer class is being run as a hybrid class with students sharing dedicated class time together with their instructor, Manny Molinar. Lectures and assignments will be discussed in class, with students logging into the course site to do assignments, projects, and take quizzes and tests. 

After running these classes this semester, our board will evaluate the research data and make a determination on the next step. Currently it is hoped that a pilot program of more classes will run for the 2017-18 school year with students on and off campus.


Philosophy of Online School

Transformative. Effective. Community.

Foremost in our hearts and minds is to create a transformative online school. We desire our program to have a deep spiritual component which reflects not only study of the Bible, but biblical approaches to education, discipleship, and world-view. Our prayer is that students in this program would be enabled to begin or build up their relationship with God in meaningful ways that equip them for the rest of their lives. This includes connection to Christian community as well. Community and delivery method are our two other major considerations.20161006_091203

In preparing the curriculum and delivery method of an online school, many factors need to be considered. A course offered online for kids in such different developmental and cognitive phases as 1st graders, high school seniors, and everyone between is a huge task. It's also not as simple as plugging in curriculum from our campus onto a webpage and calling it school. Online education is sufficiently different from onsite education that it needs its own approaches and development. In our approach, we are seeking to use research to inform our decisions as well as our decades of experience in Christian education to assemble a program that gives many options and the greatest quality education we can offer.  

Another major consideration is how best to accommodate the difference in geographical relationship of each class. Since students may not be in the same physical space as their teacher or fellow students, we will seek to provide the best alternatives to recreate rich community interaction in the program. This can include discussion boards, video-conferencing, administration follow-up and contact with students at regular intervals to see how they are doing, and regular proactive contact by each teacher to their students. Engagement in online learning is key and we want to find the best ways to do this at each grade level. 

These are just a few things we are taking into consideration as we progress in our research and development. Feel free to provide your input or offer ways you can help us through the contact form on this page. 


Research Forms

Below are reporting forms for our Research and Development Phase.

Student Feedback Form

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Student Interest Form for Pilot Program 2017-2018

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