Online FAQ

How do I apply?

  • Complete the brief application form on the Virtual School page or print and return the paper form.

How much does it cost?

  • Tuition is $1500 per year for full-time students (3 or more classes) and $750 for part-time students (1 or 2 classes). Tuition is billed monthly unless otherwise arranged. There are discounts for multiple student families, inquire for details.

What is the curriculum?

  • Our base curriculum is Alpha Omega’s Ignitia program. We have made changes to this base to reflect our beliefs and focus on various subjects including Bible classes. This curriculum is long-established and up-to-date.

Why is SVO using a base curriculum?

  • Every school uses a base curriculum of some sort. Most traditional schools use a textbook as a base and the teacher builds the class off the concepts of the textbook. In online classes, the course site is like the textbook with accompanying assessments built into it. Developing curriculum is also a very different task than teaching. We are using Ignitia to offer a wide-variety of classes that would take many years to develop in-house and provide quality, well-designed online courses with no glitches to work out.

Are there textbooks?

  • SVO classes do not typically use textbooks, everything is done online. See next question for more detail.

Are there any other resources I need?

  • Our science classes include labs and experiments. Some of these use only common household items and others use scientific equipment like beakers and microscopes. You can either purchase a lab kit, try to assemble your own, or your student can do some research and write a report on the topic the lab was covering.

What is the format of classes?

  • SVO classes are based online and include text, videos, activities, and graphics to teach concepts. Quizzes, tests and projects assess mastery of concepts. Students can cover this content online, print it out, and use the reader tool to have it read to them. They can contact their teacher through the course site for help.

What courses does SVO offer?

  • We offer all core subjects (Math, Science, History, English) and Bible for grades 3-12. We offer over 30 electives and 30 more Career exploration classes. See the Online Courses page for a full list.

What grade levels does SVO offer?

  • Grades 3-12.

What happens to the credit of a homeschool student who transfers into SVO?

  • Credit of a homeschool student would be evaluated by SVO for acceptance. Having good records of what was covered at home is a huge help in this process. Credit may be accepted with good records of curriculum used, through portfolios, credit demonstration and/or assessment tests.

Do you have placement tests?

  • Yes, we have placement tests for the core classes.

Is this an independent study program?

  • If a parent would like their student to go through their classes independently, they will be able to. However, SVO also includes an online community space where students can talk to other students in SVO and their teachers about their coursework.
  • This space allows video, audio, text, link, and document sharing. It is moderated by teachers to ensure appropriate exchange of ideas.

Does SVO issue report cards and transcripts?

  • Yes, SVO issues quarterly progress cards to parents and can fulfill transcript requests for students and alumni.

Is this program accredited?

  • This program is administered by¬†Spring Vale Christian School. All of SVC’s programs are reviewed annually by the Michigan State Department of Education for compliance with state education standards. Ignitia’s curriculum has also received accreditation by a regional accrediting board when it has been pursued, but this is something we have not chosen to do at this point.
  • See the next question for further information.

What do students graduate with?

  • Students graduating from SVO would receive the same diploma as our campus students: a Michigan state High School Diploma. Our campus students have a 90% college attendance rate over the last seven years.

Are there any options without homeschooling my child?

  • Yes, SVO is working on setting up hubs in local churches. These hubs would allow a hybrid model of learning by combining online curriculum with a traditional classroom experience. Churches could minister to their kids during the week and form stronger bonds with their families. Parents could have their kids in a school connected to their church and values.
  • If you’re interested in having a hub set up in your church or near you, please let us know using the contact information below. This is the fastest way to bring a hub to a location near you.


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