Work Study

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What is the Work/Study Program?

As part of learning responsibility and practical skills, Spring Vale Christian School students participate in a Work/Study Program. Each student helps with a wide variety of campus jobs including: janitorial, cafeteria duties, tutoring, maintenance, clerical, teacher’s aid, grounds’ care, etc. The work/study program provides students with valuable experience, gives them a sense of stewardship and responsibility for caring for the campus grounds, and prepares them for employment during summers and after graduation. In addition, the work/study program provides staff supervisors with many opportunities to teach Biblical principles such as accountability, integrity, honesty, responsibility, service, and diligence. The program also allows the school to make its fees
more affordable.


What are the Work/Study Requirements for all Students?

Each boarding student is required to commit 45 minutes and each day student is required to commit 23 minutes every day, five days a week. Parents may have their child work more hours if they wish their student to assist in payment of their account.

Upon satisfactory completion of the work/study responsibilities each semester, the student receives 1/4 credit toward graduation requirements.


How can Students Earn Financial Credits Toward Tuition?

For work/study hours worked in excess of the individual’s work pace, students receive tuition credit at the rate of $7.25 per hour. This credit is applied to the student’s account. Just as employees expect to receive monetary rewards for a job well done, students also appreciate receiving something tangible when they complete their jobs. Students who work over and above the work pace requirement may receive a monthly paycheck for spending money, not to exceed $100, as long as the student’s account is current. Amounts exceeding this are applied to the student’s account.